Please contact me to discuss your project.

I will then give you an hourly estimate on the job, or a firm quote if needed.

V Van Sant • 617-939-3373 • vv@artworldtapestry.com

If emailing, please put "offthemac" in the subject line.



A lot of people don't want to pay for a good design aesthetic. They feel that they
"can do it themselves" so why should they pay someone else? I will tell you why.
Because it's the design that is going to keep the person on the page. It's the design
that will make them think, "This is cool, this is clever, things make sense here,
I want to buy this product". There is a lot of competition out there. It's hard to get
people to your site to begin with, you don't want to lose them immediately upon arrival.
You don't want them leaving before they "look around". A good design makes them
stay and "look around". A good design with good navigation makes them tell other
people about your site. It's just good common sense not to skimp on the design!